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This is my curated list of content per topic.

Problems & Jobs to be done

Customer-problem fit: not all problems come equal

The difference between problems and jobs to be done

Don’t fix these 7 problems

Problem-solution fit

Focus on misfit to achieve ps-fit

How to get to ps-fit?

4 types of problem-solution fit

Solution design

Feature creep at Henry Ford

The Swiss-army-knife-trap and how to avoid it

Mindset tips

Don’t fix 3rd boyfriend problems

The science behind big picture procrastination

Your mental health is your biggest asset

Perform better by setting harder goals

Early-stage startup decisions are two-way doors

What you can learn from airports

Don’t forget to celebrate, create a champagne list.

Interviewing & Experiments

The best interview tip you never got

Forget about Build-Measure-Learn

Brochure testing: The Ultimate Guide

Surveys suck. 18 tips to make them suck less

Why interviews are better than surveys

Why Lean Startup doesn’t always work

Beachhead marketing

What makes a great beachhead market?

Five expansion strategies from your beachhead market

How to validate your beachhead market with experiments?

Understand your beachhead’s most important driver

The Beachhead Market Checklist


Understand how customers switch to a new product

Using JTBD to nail your positioning

How I got my positioning wrong

Startup Stories

How PieterPot designed their business model and raised 9M

Go from 20.000 to 30 users, on purpose - Part 1 - Part 2

The hidden reason of Swapfiets’ success

Case study of a failed covid pivot of a dating app


What to measure pre-product & pre-revenue?

How to separate ideas from evidence?

The past holds (more) truth

Does the past hold (more) truth?

The drawing board never tells you: this sucks

Revenue model

Viability 101 (video)

“How much would you pay for this?” is not a bad question


Pitch your stratup in 10 seconds

Top down and bottom up arguments


19 question to find your next job in tech

Analysis of this newsletter

2021 reflections on this newsletter

2022 reflections on this newsletter


Summer reading tips 2022

Here’s how half a million likes convert

Why it would be difficult to talk to pigeons - Part 1 & Part 2