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Many times misfit is relative to all sorts of cognitive stuff that is at an animal level - and is as easily resolved by going in the opposite direction.

For example, its quite hard to get car doors to fit exactly. Worse, the better you aim for and the smaller the gaps round the door, the more people see and feel upset about the slightest changes in gap width and regard it as poor manufacture.

However, increase the gaps around the car doors to a level much bigger than the error and you can manufacture quite sloppily and people don't notice it and are unconcerned...

Rattle however is a different story ;-)

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That's quite an interesting take. Thinking of airports, sometimes I have to wait 10 minutes at the train station but anticipating waiting 1 hour at the airport is short. Also to do with expectations, I get?

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Hi Jeroen, I think expectations are a part of things, but a different part. The phenomena of the concern about car door fit is more like the problem of perceiving errors that humans as animals have some special sensitivity to. Another example where fonts are used that are very close in size and appearance and adverse reaction occurs that is of much large scale than where two completely different fonts are used together. Another example, perhaps closer to home in terms of the origins of the phenomena, is people choosing apples from a supermarket bin and noticing one is a little dirty or has a small bruise and immediately avoiding it...

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