Take your startup to the next level

  1. Build a product people want

  2. Validate a scalable business model

  3. Grow from idea to 1000+ customers

150+ startups went before you

I also launched/failed my own startup and worked on product in scale-up B2C marketplace platform

22% survival rate of my startup program at TU Delft

Reviews by founders

Laser-sharp examples

The ideal coach for (very) early stage startups! Jeroen has seen to SO many different startups, that he always has 1000 practical examples ready... and even more startup theory to support his message. He really is lasersharp, within 3 questions he found our unknown unknowns and helped out with actionable insights!

👨‍💼 Jefta, CEO of Glimp

Keep you grounded while growing

“Jeroen always motivated us to be ambitions while keeping us grounded, realistic and smart about what resources we had. He saved us a few times from doing unimportant, safe tasks and pushed us to get out there.”

👩 Neva, co-founder of Hii

Prepare to be uncomfortable

“During the early stage of our startup, Jeroen has been very helpful to us as a mentor. Jeroen’s greatest strength is challenging you to be uncomfortable. The right way. Using this experience, Jeroen has helped us zooming out, looking at the greater picture and challenge our assumptions every time we felt too comfortable

👨‍💻 Paul, co-founder of AccuSelect

3 pillars of a startup

Doing a startup is not about identifying all the things you can do.
It’s about identifying what is most important right now.

1. Build a product people want

2. Validate a scalable business model

  • Startup failure reason #2: Lack of money

  • I’ve mentored 150 business models to be build

  • We will find the right one for you

3. Grow your business model

  • Get from 0 to 1000 customers

  • Product & customer-led growth

  • Optimise your growth rate

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Who should apply?

Imagine working with this guy.


  • Eager learners

  • Love rollercoasters

  • Full-time/part-time founders

Startup types

  • Consumer products (hardware, services, software)

  • B2B SaaS

  • Platforms & Marketplaces

Two modes of working

Deep dive rhythm

Rhythm will be adjusted to your pace

Get your startup to the next level

How does this sound to you? Do you have some questions? That’s okay, I’m happy to answer them.

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