I help founders build products people want

Track record

I’ve mentored over 150+ startups in their early-stage. Some of the startups and founders I’ve worked with:

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“It was an excellent, brilliant session. Thank you!” - Feedback from a founder I mentored

This doesn’t tell you much about what I do, so here are some more concrete examples

Keep you grounded while growing

“Jeroen always motivated us to be ambitions while keeping us grounded, realistic and smart about what resources we had. He saved us a few times from doing unimportant, safe tasks and pushed us to get out there.” - Neva from Hii

Optimism and depth

“He bring optimism and realism at the same time. He asks "why" and then ask "why" again and again to unravel what a founder might have initially thought success was” - First-time founder Regina

Focus on output and experiments

"He showed me the importance of clear selling message and provides a mental framework for testing distribution channels.” - Anonymous founder

Understanding what to communicate

“Sessions with Jeroen are well impactful. He helped me figure out how to communicate my product-market fit to investors” - Martins from Dinesurf

What I look for

  • An open mindset that want to learn

  • Ambitious, driven and fun founders

  • Full-time or part-time founders

Startup types
  • Consumer products (hardware, services, software)

  • B2B SaaS

  • Platforms & Marketplaces

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Where can I help?

What will you get?

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How does this sound to you? Still have some questions? That’s okay, I’m happy to answer them.

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